1 Front Frames: 3/4" X 1 1/2" Kiln-dried solid hardwood frame. Bore and dowel construction, frame joinery reinforced with glue and nail.

2 Shelves: Nominal 5/8" thick, 11-ply formaldehyde free, hardwood plywood, 19" deep in base cabinets and 10" deep in wall cabinets. Edges are banded with hardwood veneer front and sides. Shelves are adjustable, 6" from the bottom and in 2 1/2" increments in wall cabinets and 5" increments in base cabinets. Supported by metal shelve hardware.

3 End Panels: Nominal 1/2" thick, 7-ply formaldehyde free, hardwood plywood, type I exterior glue, dadoes to receive tops and bottom panels. Ends are inserted into dado in face frame and recessed 3/16" and rabbet to receive backs.

4 Tops & Bottom Panels: Nominal 1/2" thick, 9-ply, formaldehyde free, hardwood plywood. Tops and bottoms let into end panels, front rails and hang rails, glued and stapled. Bottom panels for base cabinets which bigger than 24" wide are supported by a nominal 1/2" X 3" 7-ply, formaldehyde free hardwood plywood.

5 Hanging Rails: Nominal 3/4" thick & 2 1/2" wide, 11-ply, formaldehyde free, hardwood plywood, running the entire length of the cabinet on both sides and on the top and bottom, with an additional rail, nominal 3/4" thick x 2 1/2" running from top to bottom in the center.



With proper care of your T2 quality cabinets you will have years to show off your beautiful cabinets, impressing others with the beauty and superiority of your kitchen. T2 cabinets are meticulously constructed by our professionals with quality materials and brilliant finishes. This will assure you that your cabinets will maintain their attractive look and structural form even through years of everyday use. Here are a few suggestions as to how you may enjoy your beautiful cabinets longer. 

  • Clean cabinets as needed with a mild detergent of with soft soap and water (use sparingly) and dry them well using a lint free cloth for both the wash and dry process 
  • Wipe up spills, splatters and water spots as they may occur in your everyday cooking, keeping cabinets and counter-top surfaces dry. 
  • Give your cabinets a little extra attention to the areas near the sink and dishwasher that come in contact of water regularly. 
  • For further care, you may use cleaners and polished designed for wood cabinets and clean all surfaces as needed. 


Before attempting to clean your cabinets, be aware of the products you are going to use. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or powdered cleaners on your cabinets. These materials may penetrate the cabinet finish allowing moisture to enter and cause deterioration. 

- Do not use aerosol sprays with silicons or paste wax
- Do not leave wet cloths on cabinets for extended periods of time
- Do not allow oven cleaners or other caustic cleaners to penetrate the surrounding cabinets
- Follow the instructions carefully for self-cleaning ovens and other kitchen appliances around your Amber Leaf cabinets.



A damp cloth with soap and water or a mild detergent can be used to clean your cabinets as needed. Use sparingly, and dry well using a lint free cloth for both your washing and drying needs. Use cleaners and polishes designed for wood cabinets and clean all surfaces as needed.


Apply bagged ice on top of the deposit until it is brittle enough to crumble off. Use cleaners and polishes designed for wood cabinets and clean all surfaces as needed.


For any repairs on nicks or scratches contact customer care for professional advise.